The versatility of a white dress

In collaboration with PB&J Boutique.

White is one of the most characteristic colors of the summer. The main reason is the freshness and elegance related to it. A white dress will be your best buddy this summer and is a must in every girl´s closet! Don´t forget that by styling it with different accessories and colors you can create a great variety of looks. It will never be boring.  I´m sharing with you some ideas I came up with of how to style it.

With a straw hat and flat sandals, a white dress automatically turns into a beach wear. You can wear it to spend a day at the beach, at a picnic, or at a bbq with friends. It is not only romantic, but also very comfortable and the hat will keep you protected from the sun.

Styled with accessories in turquoise and a denim jacket, the white dress takes on a more sophisticated touch, and turns into a more chic outfit, ideal to wear during the afternoon. Take care that the handbag has a pop of turquoise as well and preferably wear wedges in a nude tone.

If your are more into neutral colors, you can combine the dress with brown or gold accessories, depending on whether you want to wear it at day or at night. Choose a purse and sandals in camel color for the day or afternoon, and in gold for the evening, especially if it is a kind of beach event but elegant and sofisticated at the same time.

Finally one of my favorites, a clasic: the sailor look. This look is very easy to achieve by combining the white dress with shoes and accessories in navy blue. This outfit always has a touch of casual and elegance at the same time, making it a perfect look for any time of day. Depending on the accessories you use you can give or subtract formality to the look. For the day, for example, flat sandals or espadrilles would be perfect, if you add a hat you are ready for any outdoor´s event. At night, a clutch and platform sandals in navy blue complemented with long earrings and voilá, you are ready for a party, and without even changing dresses!! 

This dress that I´m presenting you is called Knot sleeve dress Haydeen. It is made of gauze and I got it as a courtesy from PB&J boutique. It was love at first sight!  I personally find it spectacular and really easy to style. The gauze gives it a casual and romantic touch, the cross back adds elegance and the knotted sleeves make it unforgettable. It also has pockets on the sides, which is great to have some basics like cell phone, lipstick or keys always handy. I am very positive surprised about the quality and design of this garment. PB&J boutique  has worldwide shipping which is not only very fast but also uncomplicated. If you like this dress, I invite you to go visit the PB&J boutique´s website and check out the variety of beautiful vintage style garments that they have. I definitely declare myself a fan from now on!!!! And now I'm going downtown for a walk and to show my beautiful dress around. Till next time!        

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