About me

I am Jess, happily married and mom to two little cookie monsters aged 7 and 4. I grew up in Sonora, Mexico and live in Austria for more than 10 years by now. I have a bachelor and MBA in Hotel Management and I totally love to travel.
Fashion is my big passion and an important part of my life. Being well dressed is very important to create a positive first impression of ourselves. There´s no chance for a second first impression. The way we dress reveals a lot about us, our personality, our mood, our lifestyle, our self-esteem. It´s kind of our business card. Combining the right colors, the right textures, the right accesoires is an art.
With this blog I pretend to help other women to learn how to create outstanding outfits, and most of all, how to re use the same clothes and create new, totally different outfits out of them.
So, let´s get started! Just say Jess!!!!!