Trend: The 80´s - 90´s are back!

Madonna in 1980's
Michael Jackson red jacket
Black over the knee boots.

TREND: 80´s 90´s are back!

It´s official, the 80´s-90´s trends are back! Since 2016 was clear that the trend was moving in that direction, this 2017 is more than clear. Maybe you were a teenager at that time and have been trying to hide all those embarrassing pictures of you wearing that trend. (Let´s admit it, it is embarrassing) or you laughed every time you came across with a picture of your mom wearing all those weird clothes. Well, I have news for you: you will soon be wearing them as well, in case that you are not already doing it.

Let´s go back in the time: Remember those pictures of Madonna wearing those fish nets? Or what about Sarah Jessica Parker in Sex and the City with her black slippers (just like the Gucci ones)?  Not to forget Michael Jackson dancing Thriller with that red bomber jacket! Biker jackets, leather leggings, chokers, shoulder pads, converse chucks, over the knee boots, embroided jeans, crop tops, pastel colors, mini backpacks and the list goes on and on. Sounds familiar? That´s right all the trends right now are a comeback from the 80´s-90´s.

I must admit, I remember that trend and I´m horrorized every time I come across with some of my pictures. It was my worst nightmare to think that it would be trendy again someday. My worst fear has come true! However, we must give it a try right? We want to be trendy too! My advice is, first, before you go buy some trendy new stuff, have a look in your mom´s closet, it could be that she keeps some stuff from this trend and you don´t have to spend money on it. Second, find which clothes or  accesoires you like the most about this trend. Don´t go buy too much, and don´t exaggerate dressing so "trendy", you don´t want to feel embarrassed when you see your pictures again in a couple years, trust me!!! And third, don´t throw your stuff away, it could be that your daughter might want to wear it someday!

What do you like the most about this current trend? I´m thankful for my converse chucks, love bomber jackets, leather leggings, pastel colors and I guess that´s about it. I´m giving fish nets a try, trying not to exaggerate the look, and just got me slippers, which I will show you later on this week in my IG. About the embroided everything, I´m not really sure. I really don´t like the denims and tennis shoes with embroidery, however I could imagine a nice and plain top with little embroidery on it. I was totally not into over the knee boots, I think you have to have very thin tights for them, and it´s not my case. And I´m also not quite convinced about the mini backpacks.   We´ll see, but for sure I´ll be very careful this time not to exaggerate ;)

Wish you all a nice week my sweeties. Till next BLOG MONDAY!

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  • Margit Szöky said

    Endlich ist er wieder da, der Style der 80er und 90er. Ich habe ihn geliebt. Tatsächlich finden sich noch einige Modelle dieser Zeit in meinem Schrank. Nun heißt es aufpassen womit ich das kombiniere. Gute Hilfe bieten mir deine Bilder. Es werden mir Möglichkeiten gezeigt die Teile richtig zu kombinieren. Weiter so Jessica, ich freue mich schon auf deine nächsten Stylings.

    L. G Margit

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