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I was watching time ago one of my favorite series, Velvet. It is about fashion back in the late fifties, and I could not help but to fall madly in love with its dresses. As many of my followers already will have noticed, I am a dress kind of girl. I love dresses, all kinds of dresses but I have a special weakness for A line dresses. This type of dresses are tight around the waist and have a full skirt. They suggest an hourglass body shape and hide wide hips like mine very well. This vintage fashion is what I'm going to talk about today.

A line dresses suggest a small waist and have a knee long full skirt. They are a modern adaptation of the popular "Swing Skirt" dresses in the fifties. A decade full of elegance, femininity and glamour.

The fifties returned to women all the femininity and splendor they had lost during this long world war period.  These first years of post-war, revolutionized the world of fashion. The fifties fashion was well known for being elegant, seductive and sophisticated. This decade stands out for its "perfect" women. Most of this women were housewives. They were flawless dressed, always elegant, with a smile and wearing the perfect accessories to each dress. It´s most famous ambassadors are Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn. At the end of the fifties and early sixties, the polka dot prints became very popular. They competed with the solid colored dresses and floral prints.

I do not know you, but I love vintage style. Sometimes I really believe I should have been born in that time. In my A line dress obsession, I came across with the brand Closet London, in which I immediately fell in love with, and which has turned into one of my favorite brands. Closet London is an English brand that has not only all kinds of dresses and skirts, but also jumpsuits and tops. The quality of its clothes is amazing and the prices are affordable. Most of the dresses I wear are from this brand. My latest addition is this pearl-colored dress with black butterflies that is part of the new collection. Being a cocktail dress, it is perfect for any day or night event. From a wedding or a christening, to a romantic or business dinner. It is definitely a dress that you can wear for many occasions.

In these pictures I tried to create a very vintage look. I decided to wear short leather gloves, classic black sunglasses, pearls and a hat. The accessories give it an elegant and sophisticated touch. Very fifties style.

In these pictures the look is more modern and youthful, with wavy hair and less accessories. You can give it a "pop of color" by wearing a red bag. I decided to still keep it conservative with a black clutch bag and shoes in the same color.

This photo shooting was one of my "Breakfast at Tiffanys" moments, thus one of my favorites so far.

The size of the dress is UK8, which is equivalent to US4 and EUR34. The cut in A line. It´s length is perfect, just above the knee. It has 2 very useful side pockets, to keep our cell phones and lipstick always handy. The back has a V-cut and highlights the golden zipper with the brand name. All in all, this dress is definitely a jewel. If you are looking for excellent quality and beautiful dresses, do not miss to have a look at http://www.closetlondon.com 

 Are you more of a dress kind of girl or do you prefer wearing pants? Until next time my sweeties.

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