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Last week I had the chance to try ADORE contact lenses. It´s been a week since then and I would like to share my experience with you. ADORE contact lenses, is an Italian brand specialized in contact lenses. They have a wide variety of colors and also  contact lenseswith corrective power, which they ship worldwide. Luckily, I still do not need corrective lenses so I just received coloured ones to try. I tried the Bi honey color lenses. and fell completely in love with them. Bi means that they have two colors in order to make them look more natural.  The customer service of ADORE is excellent, I just sent them a picture of my eyes and they friendly and professionally advised me on which color goes better with my natural eyes color. It was a very pleasant experience, not only the quality of the lenses, but also the service and the delivery which took practicaly no time.

During my teenager years, I remember once buying green contact lenses. It's amazing how both face and gestures change when the eye color is different. At that time the technology was not so advanced as now and the contact lenses were not only very expensive, but also quite uncomfortable, I remember that constant feeling of having sand in the eye. This was the reason why after a couple days of trying, they ended up in a drawer.

Everything has improved so much since then. Contacts lenses are almost imperceptible. They are very comfortable to wear, they look amazingly natural and the prices are quite accessible, so that it is possible to experiment with different colors. The duration of them is 3 months, and it is very important to follow the hygiene instructions very closely to avoid getting annoying infections.

Some of my tips are:

-Always wash your hands before putting them on and removing them.

Always put them on and remove them before applying and removing makeup.

-Never share them with anybody, remember that they are personal.

-Avoid places with lots of smoke.

-Do not use the hair dryer or sprays when you have them on.

-Always disinfect them between uses.

With these simple steps, you make sure to enjoy your change of image just as I do.

From now on, my eyes are only entrusted to ADORE.

If your are curious to about how would you look like with another eye color,  check out on their webpage and decide which color would you like the most  and follow them in instagram @adore_world .

Dare to live the ADORE experience. You will ADORE it!

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