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Pepe jeans shoe's
Marco Polo shoes

Good morning my peeps, today I´m going to show you a couple things that I bought during this SALES season. As I wrote before, this is the best time for getting quality basics for our closets.

I´ve got this beautiful black sandals from Pepe Jeans for the summer, from 99 Euro reduced to 24.99. Wasn´t it a great deal? They are mega comfy, you can wear them for a casual or an elegant look. Black sandals are a basic that should definitively be part of your closet.

This beautiful ICE watch from the well known brand Swatch, just stole my heart. It is metallic, which is very trendy right now, but it would also be an eye catcher for sure in the comming spring months, when I finally get to wear short sleeves. The original price was 120 Euro and I got it for only 39.99, and you have no idea how excited I was to buy it. I´ve been wanting an ICE watch for long by now and I finally got it!

Marco Polo is a brand that I like a lot. Not crazy expensive, but definitively not a low budget brand either. It has an excellent quality, and during sales season is the best time to get yourself something nice from it. I was as usual "just browsing" and fell inmediately in love with this beautiful brown shoes. The regular price was 159.90, but I got them for only 79 Euro, and I can´t wait to wear them as soon as it stops snowing.

So, to make the long story short, I spent 144 Euro in this three babies, and I couldn´t be happier! I know I´m going to wear them often for the next years. At their original prices I would have spent 400 Euro, which I admit, would have been way over my budget.
Instead of getting 10-15 trendy tops with those 144 Euro, which I might have only worn a couple months, I decided to get quality basics to wear for a couple years. See the difference?
Till next time dear friends.......  and, what did you buy in this sales season?

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