Valentine's Day Outfit details

Valentines Outfit
Valentines Outfit

Valentine's Special!  So a romantic day! You want to look your very best today, all dolled up, but sometimes is difficult to make a choice and find the right outfit for the right event. Knowing this, I teamed up with a group of my favourite bloggers to bring you many outfit and makeup ideas for this Valentine's Day.

Most of us tend to wear red in this day. You will see Ladies in Red everywhere today, there´s nothing wrong with it, however I wouldn´t exaggerate with red. I chose my outfit based on neutral basic colors, with a pop of red for the romantic touch and fisher nets to create some drama and make it unique.

You have for sure a white shirt and a black skirt, don't you? I you don't, go urgently and get yourself this items as soon as you can. They are basics that should not miss in your closet. This two basics are boring by themselves, and here is where the pop of red comes into scene. A red bag and that red head band are the eye catchers and armonize perfectly with the rest of the outfit. The good thing about basics is that you can combine them every time with different accesoires and create a completely different outfit.

Outfit Details

The shirt is from H&M

The skirt is from Closet London

The bag is from Valentino

The shoes are from Zara

The bracelet are from Bipa

The Sunglasses are from Tommy Hilfiger

The head band is from H&M

Remember that the secret of being well dressed, is that nobody remembers what you wore, but everybody remembers how awesome you looked.

So, now your´re ready to celebrate Valentine's Day with the perfect outfit. Until next time.

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  • Yenih said

    Gorgeous like always!!

    You taught me so much about fashion and beauty all over these years, and you continue teaching me!!!

    thank you, my dear friend!

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