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Fur and feather are trendier than ever. The fashion industry has fully embraced that trend, and its popularity has probably to do with the fact that they are not only light and cozy,  they are also the most ancient and natural materials to cover the human body. Under a very strict regulation, they celebrate this 2017 their big come-back after decades of being away from the international catwalks, being nowadays more fashionable and cooler than ever. Fur and feather don’t need to be reserved for the big event and you don’t need to be a celebrity to wear them. They don’t belong in the red carpet anymore but in a normal day to day wardrobe. You can combine them with denim, leather jacket, dresses, booties, etc. They add an extra touch of „fashion“ to any outfit, keeping your looks versatile and wearable. EYES ON MISHA is the fashion label for cool, trendy it-pieces made out of natural materials like fur and feather.


I just discovered EYES ON MISHA in Linz. With headquarters in Austria, this fashion label is dedicated to design fun and trendy furry garments and accessories made out of natural materials. Have a look at https://www.eyesonmisha.com With my discount code Jess15, you will get 15% off your purchase.

Inspired by the latest catwalk trends and under the premises of manufacturing with the highest quality standards, EYES ON MISHA presents fresh, colorful, urban and original fur and feather pieces - jackets and coats, stoles and scarfs, bags and other accessories -  at affordable prices to pimp up your fall & winter wardrobe.

Are you looking for an easy, effective way to get more out of your autumn and winter basics? Re-style your wardrobe standbys and transform them in stunningly new and trendy looks by combining them with the cool trendy fur and feather jackets and accessories. You can always get inspiration at IG @eyesonmisha .


I fell completely in love as soon as I saw this La Fiffi feather collar. In brightl autumn colors with a matching satin ribbon (the collar has also a small hook to close it) over a white blouse for a clean-chic office look or over a leather jacket to add a warm and cozy touch to your outfit. You can also wear it wrapped around your neck and bound upfront, over a thin sweater, or as a scarf. Since I am hair accessories obsessed I decided to wear it as a hair band, and I totally loved it! They are available in many colors like dust blue, coral pink, burnt orange and army green. I went for the burnt orange!


I´m so ready for winter with this amazing and glamorous, handmade fox fur coat from EYES ON MISHA. Since I love Street-style, I decided to combine it with leather leggings, a white blouse and biker boots. You can wear it with jeans and sneakers for a cool, lay-down look or combine it with leather leggings and high heels for a classy look, it is up to you. It can be perfectly matched with black, white and light, neutral colors. However you decide to combine it, you won’t go unnoticed. This will be the for sure my IT-piece this winter!

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