Messy Spring

Trendy Spring Hairdos


Spring has finally arrived! The hats come finally back in the closet and it is time to show our beautiful hair again. Pony tails are always a rescue idea, but there are absolutely great uncomplicated hairdos that are absolutely trendy and which you should absolutely give a chance. This year are messy hairdos the number 1 trend. Forget perfection and let this “messy Trend” seduce you.  Here I have selected for you the top 5 hairstyles for this spring:


-Messy BUN: There are different types of BUNS to choose from, but the most popular is clearly the Messy BUN! This hairdo gives the impression that you have not given much effort to style your hair, as if you were waking up and looking so good. Although it is a "lazy girl" hairstyle, you always look chic and amazing!

-HUN: The half BUN, or the 'HUN', is definitely the most popular hairdos this spring. If you're in a hurry, the HUN is a must. One of the most comfortable and casual hairstyles, has been in trend since 2015 and has definitely come to stay!


-Beach Waves: Easy, natural, casual. Beach Waves are sexy, easy to style and anybody can wear them, no matter of short or long hair. The secret Tip: They are perfect if they are not perfect! No wave should look exactly like the other. There are beach wave sprays, with salt water from L'oreal and Schwarzkopf, which helps to make the styling easier.


-Braids: They are now in trend as never before! The variety of braids seems endless. One of the advantages over this trendy hairstyle is how universal it is. Braids look great, no matter what your natural hair texture is. So go ahead and let you braid. You'll surely look fabulous. Here are four of the top braided hairstyles you should try this spring.

  1. Messy fishtail braids
  2. Side braids
  3. Messy braided hairdo
  4. Pigtail braids

 No matter which hairstyle you decide to go for, remember that hair accesoires give a special touch to your whole outfit. You can decide from flowers, hairbands, scarves, etc the variety is huge. Let your imagination fly. Hair doesn´t have to be boring anymore!

Braid hairstyle
Messy braid hairstyle
Pigtail braid hairstyle
Beach wave hairstyle
Messy bun hairstyle
Hun hairstyle

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