Sales: To buy or not to buy

Now in January, February, after the whole Christmas shopping, is sales season. Everywhere you go, in every shopping mall, in every store, you just read SALES. Of course, for all shopaholics like me, it brings our hearts to beat faster and our bank accounts to the bankrupt.
We can´t help it, however, it is very important to spend our money wisely. The big question is: What should I buy? Let me introduce you to the three typess of shopaholics from my view and experience:

-Shopaholic #1: Wants to buy as much as possible with her budget (who doesn´t?), so just buys whatever she/he finds, at the lowest price. Most of the stuff bought is around $5 in average.
I used to be one of them during my teenager years. The disadvantage of belonging to this group is that when the adrenaline shot is over and you get home, you realize that you don´t even like most of the things you just bought.
There´s nothing worse than realizing you just spent your money in nonsense, only because it was so cheap. My personal advice is, don´t buy it if your are not in love with it, no matter how cheap it is. You will regret it!

-Shopaholic#2: This group of shopaholics are more in control of their emotions and know what they like and they don´t. They mostly buy stuff they do like a lot, however, most of the stuff is trendy, but not for long. Which means, they won´t wear it for a long time.
In a month or two it won´t be in trend anymore and most probably it won´t come in trend at all for the next years.
The advantage of this kind of shopping is, you will get to look very trendy for a month or so. The disadvantage is, it will soon be part of your "I have nothing to wear" for the next years.
My personal advice is: it is for sure clever to get one or two pieces of this "fast fashion" products, but not more than that. Otherwise you will regret it in a couple months latest.

-Shopaholic #3: In my opinion this is the best group to belong to, you have to be very clever and in control of your emotions though. You have to be strong enough to resist all the sales signs all over the place and stay focused.
Your reward: This is the best way to get high quality basics for your closet, that you will be able to wear for many years.
Remember that not only the low cost, trendy stores have sales, the "expensive" stores too, and you have no idea how accesible the prices are. It´s true, you won´t get as many clothes for your money, obviously, but you have the chance instead, to get a couple things that are usually over our budgets and maybe couldn´t afford at the regular price.
My personal advice is: Go get it! No matter if you only get two pieces instead of 20. In the long run it pays off and you for sure won´t regret it. You will be able to wear them over and over for the next years and they will be part of your basics in your closet.

Conclusion: Hands off from cheap stuff, get yourself two trendy pieces and please, please, please get at least one high quality basic for your closet. In the long run you will be satisfied and year after year you will be thankful that you bought it.
So, enjoy your sales my peeps, see you next time!

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  • Yenih said

    Hello my dear friend!! These are fabulous tips.

    I think I am in the transition from shopaholic 2 to 3 hehehe.


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