My first Fashion Week

Fashion Show Prague

Hi my darlings!!! I have something very important to tell you today, one of my dreams is about to come true!!! I´m attending Prague´s Mercedes Benz Fashion Week!!!!! You can´t possibly imagine what this means to me, I´m the happiest girl ever.  I asked all my friends if they would like to come with me, since I don´t want to go alone of course and have no one to share this awesome experience with. So, one of them, who is also very passionate about fashion like me, has a great style, and is so much fun to be around will join me in this adventure. Tickets are ready, schedule is printed, hotel is booked, tranportation is arranged, everything is ready for the big day (or days, actually). We will be leaving on Thursday afternoon, I guess we might be arriving sometime around 6 pm in Prague. On Friday, after some sightseeing we will be joining a charity event from Harper´s which is going to take place in a tram, it sounds like so much fun! There is a cocktail afterwards and hopefully we will be able to join as well. On Saturday is long sleep planned and then I will finally attend my very first Fashion Show at 14:00 from Miro Sabo and Daniela Peskova, the first one an slovak designer, the second one an UMPRUM student, a graduate of Tomáš Baťa Universityin Zlín and an intern with avant-garde Dutch A.F.Vandervorst, understands and interprets garment as the final layer of the human body.  I´m very curios about what they have prepared for the coming spring-summer season, but I´m quite sure it´s gonna be awesome. 

At 16:00 are the next runways planned, this time from Alter Era, ALTER ERA is the label founded by the designer duo Alicia Declerck and Zhanna Belskaya; and  Petra Ptáčková, she last presented her work at showrooms during the Paris Fashion Week, at Fashionclash Maastricht, at Mercedes-Benz Kiev Fashion Days FW15 or at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Amsterdam 2014. During MBPFW 2014, Petra was approached by buyers from the Doshaburi boutique in Barcelona where her collections are currently on sale. There are 2 events in the evening which we really hope we are able to attend, since you need a special invitation for them.

On Sunday, after a planned long sleep, we will return back to Austria. Even though I´m more that exited about going to Prage, I have some kind of mixed feelings I must confess, since it´s also the first time I´ll be away from my kids. As many of you know, I´m a mom, a full time mom, and have never been away from my kids before. I´m so lucky to have a life partner who supports me 1000%, is the best daddy, and is always there for me. I´m a lucky girl for having the best hubby ever!

I can´t wait to let you know what my impressions about the Fashion Week are and of course about Prague, which is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe, I´ve been there once and I loved it! Stay tuned! I´ll be posting lots of pictures and live videos about this event, don´t miss them, joining me too in this very special adventure, I´d love you to be part of it!!!

Till next BLOG MONDAY! I´ll be writing all the details about Prague´s Fashion Week

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